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We repair laptops and desktop computers, so you can get back online quickly.


Virus and spyware removal services

are available. Get in touch with us today!



Computer repair

Dropped your phone again? We understand. Let us handle your cell phone and tablet repairs. Contact us today!


Regardless of type or generation of smartphone, our team will solve your issues.


Cell phone and tablet repair

Our technicians efficiently repair flat-screen televisions. They ensure you don't miss the next big game or your favorite show.


Are you more of a gamer than TV watcher? Trust us for complete console repairs.


Electronic repair

FREE phone repair estimates

- 11 years in the business

- Reasonable rates

- 48- to 72-hour turnaround times

- Family owned and operated

Interested in a custom-built PC? Computer Clinic offers a 3-year warranty to protect you.


We repair netbooks, netpads like iPad, LCD, plasma, and LED flat-screen TVs, and all game consoles including xbox, playstation and Wii.